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The Practicing Faith Survey is not only a valuable tool, monitoring and analyzing the faith practices of your students; it’s also priced to fit the budget of any sized school. As soon as your school purchases its first survey, you will receive access to the full complement of tools and resources Practicing Faith has to offer. This one time cost provides value now and in the future, and adding additional surveys is simple.

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Using the Practicing Faith Survey

  • Purchase Codes

    If your school is new to the Practicing Faith Survey, you will first need to register your school and create your school’s account page. For new and returning customers, survey codes can be purchased on your school’s account page. These codes will serve as your student’s key to accessing their confidential survey and results. New survey codes can be added anytime, so schools can purchase as needed.

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  • Share Codes with your Students

    After survey codes have been purchased, these codes will be available in a print-ready template, ideal for in-classroom distribution. By assigning the Practicing Faith Survey in this manner, students and their families can be assured their survey results will remain confidential. Students will access their individualized survey by using their code at www.practicing.faith.

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  • Collect and Use Results

    As your students begin completing the Practicing Faith Survey, your school account dashboard will begin to populate with their results. Review results in real time and compare trends over time. Your school account will also provide helpful resources and suggestions on how to best analyze and react to this information.

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Get started today and see how the Practicing Faith Survey can better prepare your school staff to more fully understand and respond to your students’ faith journeys.


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