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Practicing Faith + You

This survey was designed to help you to understand how your choices as a student relate to Christian practices. Use it to help you grow and to see how your learning relates to your school's mission!


Take the survey. Discover how your faith is at work in your studies.

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Why Practicing Faith?

Discover How Faith is Growing

Christian schools aim to help students to grow in faith. How can we know whether this is really happening? The Practicing Faith Survey offers reliable tools and valid data that offer a window into how students’ daily learning practices relate to their faith formation.

Students and Parents

How does faith get worked out in the life of a school? The Practicing Faith Survey gives you tools to discover areas in which your faith is active and growing and areas where you can invest more intentionally.

Teachers and Administrators

Faith in school means more than chapel and Bible class. The Practicing Faith Survey offers a way to assess how faith formation is happening in your school through teaching and learning practices, as well as practical resources to help you support it better.

What is the Practicing Faith Survey?

About Us

Research-Based Assessment

The Practicing Faith Survey was developed by the Kuyers Institute at Calvin University and Cardus Education, both of which have an extensive background in research on faith-based schools. Ongoing administration for the survey is managed by the Center for the Advancement of Christian Education at Dordt University. The survey offers an innovative approach to assessing the impact of Christian education that builds on decades of research.

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